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Anime Boston was. Awesome.

So very awesome.


Joe and I got there around 2 or so on Thursday. Checked in, went out, bought some booze, ended up meeting up with Doc and the Molloy kids. We ended up going with them to Quincy Market for foods and shopping, whereupon I bought a toy TARDIS at a comic shop. When we got back to the hotel, we chilled around, picked up registration, met up with Ami and Ed. Don't think we did much more that night other than working on my Fluttershy dress.

So. Friday. The start. I put on my Enjolras costume to start out with. Due to breakfast and a couple of delays, we didn't actually walk into the con until 1pm. By...not long after, I had spent a shitton of money on random Doctor Who merchandise in the Dealer's Room. Oh, me. No one recognized my Enjolras cosutme, but o welp. A little before 4, I went back to my hotel room and changed into my Master costume for the DW photoshoot. Which was pretty damn awesome. There was a good sized group of us that gathered and went outside for the shoot. That day, I was the only Master. Which was nice. Wandered around after, and then it was time for the formal ball. For that, I changed into my Fluttershy outfit. The ball itself was pretty nice, but I didn't get to do as much dancing as I wanted to. What was after that... We ate at Legal Sea Food with an Allen cosplayer, Boku, that Ed met at the dance. After that was chilling in the hotel room for a while.

Ended up laughing so hard at some point. Boku and I were talking about Doctor Who, prolly loudly, when all of a sudden there's frantic knocking on our hotel room door. We hear a voice call through.


Cracked up for ages. Anyway, drank some, and eventually went to sleep. The next day I just started in casual clothing to stay comfortable. More roaming, more shopping. Another DW photoshoot was at 2pm, so I got changed back into my Master costume for that. This photoshoot was MUCH bigger than the one the day before. We met at the entrance of the con, and ended up roaming around the con center until we found a spot free for our photoshoot. AKA: we had a Doctor Who parade throughout pretty much the entire convention.

The shoot itself was the highlight of the weekend. Tons of pics, tons of poses, tons of awesome. When it was time for us Masters to go up (damnit, I wasn't the only Saxon!Master!), someone started a clap/stomp of the drums. Fffft. All and all, a great gathering of Whovians.

Once that was done, I went and changed into my Fluttershy costume. Joe and I tried to get into the Dark Side of Pokemon panel, but the line was ridiculous so we gave up and just went to dinner then with Seth (a LUElinks friend of mine and fellow Whovian). Yummy Japanese food. After a bit of a scare where I lost my badge but someone thankfully turned it in, the three of us attempted to go to the booze lounge thing they were having. As soon as we found out that drinks were $9.50, we were like fuck it and left. Made a few Captain Jacks in the hotel room while we watched the Never Mind the Buzzcocks ep with Josh Groban as host, and the Professor Layton and the Malignant Growth videos.

Joe and I managed to get into one panel. For the entire weekend. And barely made it in, at that. The panel? Anime Hell. Though it was a lot of live-action stuff too, and not all from Japan. Basically, it was two hours of pure insanity. Just videoclip after videoclip from shows/movies/commercials/whatever that make you go WHAT THE FUCK IS EVEN HAPPENING. I walked out thinking that this is what it must feel like on LSD or something.

After meeting up with Seth again, we headed back to the room and I changed into casual clothing. Seth and I downed the rest of the vodka I had left, and then the three of us headed to the rave around 12:30am. And god, did we dance. An hour and a half of just rocking the fuck out and dancing like crazy. We managed to somehow find some fellow Whovians, who we dragged into our area to dance with. At one point, they played a remix of Butterfly (as in DDR!Butterfly) and...had a spinning TARDIS on the screen. We just cheered and danced even harder.

Also, I can now say that I have danced with Captain Jack Harkness.

And the group of us DW dorks randomly did the Drunken Giraffe (aka Eleven!Doctor's dance at the wedding at the end of Season 5...sob) every so often. We are dorks.

2am, the rave ended, headed back to my room and chilled a while until I fell asleep. Today was just mostly packing and some last minute wandering. I ended up commissioning a Doctor/Master fanart the day before, but....god, it SUCKS. Neither of them look at all like they're supposed to, and I gave the artist several reference pictures. They look like generic anime boys. Teenage anime boys. WTF. Waste of $30. Hopefully my other commission will go well, though I have to wait for that to be shipped.

So. Home now, and back at my dad's.

Swag list:
TARDIS toy (bout 8 inches tall?)
Button of the Master with the text "I can't hear you over the sound of the fucking drums"
Chibi laminated thingies of the Doctor and the Master
Dalek keychain
TARDIS earrings
Four t-shirts, pics posted below this
Bookmark of the Doctor and the Master
Mini Dalek standup


Pics of my shirts:

Pic of the button:

There's like 95 pictures I have, so I just uploaded them all to a photobucket account: Sadly, the camera I was using sucks and I got red eye on practically every damn picture.

So check those out, and for now, here are a few as a preview:

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