Relika Nox (electrumicity) wrote,
Relika Nox

So. I had the ODDEST dream last night.

snowfairytifa: Okay so
snowfairytifa: in it
snowfairytifa: I was Merlin
snowfairytifa: and so
snowfairytifa: the evil guy from Quest for Camelot was there
snowfairytifa: and turned me into a talking turkey
snowfairytifa: (not as ugly as the one from thankskilling)

joeyachtungbaby: XDDDD. WTF
snowfairytifa: and then a bunch of shit happened that I can't actually remember
snowfairytifa: but
snowfairytifa: at some point I saved Arthur's life from said bad guy
joeyachtungbaby: LOL. Nice
snowfairytifa: And then we all needed to.track down someone? something? idfk
snowfairytifa: and we had to go to california for it
snowfairytifa: and then we all proceeded to dance to california gurls FOR NO FUCKING REASON
snowfairytifa: on our way to the plane
joeyachtungbaby: ...........again.....W....T.....F
joeyachtungbaby: XDD
snowfairytifa: so we snuck onto the plane
snowfairytifa: we couldnt afford tickets so we used...old tickets...? idfk but it got us on the plane
snowfairytifa: of course, just like thankskilling, me/Merlin being a giant turkey is completely normal
snowfairytifa: So we get to california
snowfairytifa: and there's some big meeting going on at an embassy
snowfairytifa: and a foreign ambassador or something leads everyone on a weirdass chase because he's super suspicious
snowfairytifa: he's backflipping all over the place for some reason
snowfairytifa: so he sneaks into a room
joeyachtungbaby: LMAO. This is pure insanity
snowfairytifa: that has a Wii and a giant cheeseburger
snowfairytifa: which he steals
snowfairytifa: but he gets cornered soon after
snowfairytifa: and for some reason, I/merlin get caught up with it all
snowfairytifa: next thing I know
snowfairytifa: I'm back to human form
snowfairytifa: but me and the ambassador dude are tied to crosses crucifixion style
snowfairytifa: and we're in the ocean
snowfairytifa: and the voice of god is talking to the guy
snowfairytifa: deems him unworthy
snowfairytifa: and has the cross fall over so he'll drown
snowfairytifa: and I'm like DUDE SERIOUSLY?
snowfairytifa: but god or whatever was a dick and had my cross fall over too
snowfairytifa: and I was drowning
snowfairytifa: and yelling for Arthur to save me
snowfairytifa: and he did
snowfairytifa: and kissed me
snowfairytifa: and Lancelot punched out god
snowfairytifa: and Arthur and I snuggled and kissed and then I woke up.
joeyachtungbaby: .................
joeyachtungbaby: Did you take Ambien last night> XDD
snowfairytifa: NO
snowfairytifa: LOL
joeyachtungbaby: WTF IS WITH THAT DREAM
snowfairytifa: I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE
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