DW - Master - Of course I'm insane!

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So I'm reviewing an album for CoS. Short review, but I've been writing notes while listening to the songs.

Here are my unedited notes.

BTW this album SUCKS.

Icon is because I wish I could gas the band like the Master did with the people in that scene.

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00 - Lockon/Alle - Bonds

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Ed? You and Antonio are rooming with me for Anime Boston, right? Just need to re-confirm shit. I'm finalizing the prices, so I'll let you guys know ASAP how much it is.

I think it's going to be five of us, total. Katie's not gonna be with us this year, but my friend Joe is gonna be joining us, so we'll have the five to our room nonetheless.

Well. Ami, you is going too, right? XD
MLP - Fluttershy - I'm awesome.

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I should make an entry about an awesome night.

But tomorrow.

Now I just kind of want to crawl into bed.

Awesome night through :D